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Household Management & Manuals

How well do you know your home? Do you prefer to rent than to buy because of all the living and breathing aspects of a home? Does the roof need repair? Air vents need replacing? If you are thinking about buying property consider all the aspects and care that home will need in order to […]

Household Management & Security

How often do we think about security? If we think too much, are we afraid? Being over-zealous about what isn’t actually out there? How in the world does one manage the protection of a 20K home with all its moving parts? For the average Joe, what would you say is the greatest concern when it […]

House Management & Maintenance

How well do we care for our possessions? We buy what we have because we need them, we like how they look, but do we bother to understand what it takes to care of it. It takes a few minutes to read the label or skim the manual to get an idea of when to […]