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Household Management & Manuals

How well do you know your home? Do you prefer to rent than to buy because of all the living and breathing aspects of a home? Does the roof need repair? Air vents need replacing?
If you are thinking about buying property consider all the aspects and care that home will need in order to run efficiently. There’s nothing worse than finding out that your new home is in fact what used to be a desert and there will be ‘bugs’ and now you have an unplanned monthly pest control service that is needed to keep the ants, spiders and creepy crawlys out.
The best way to keep an eye on your home is simply do a walk through in each room and take notice of the mechanical aspects of that room—the laundry room for example, call your repairman and ask him/her about the brand you own, does it need servicing? Is it a machine that has filters that need to be replaced every so often? If so, then create a calendar as to when you want or feel it should be. The initial walk-through shouldn’t take more than an hour depending on the size of your home but at the very least you have created a tool that will prevent catastrophes from happening. You know have the resources to care for your home versus waiting for it to die on you and then you are hit with an expensive bill when you least expect it.
Do yourself and your family a favor. Invest the time to prevent matters from happening and to care for those things that your home needs to maintain it. You will be a much happier home owner for doing so.



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