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House Management & Maintenance

How well do we care for our possessions? We buy what we have because we need them, we like how they look, but do we bother to understand what it takes to care of it.
It takes a few minutes to read the label or skim the manual to get an idea of when to service our item. For example, a vehicle… we understand it needs oil changes, spark plugs, filters, 30-60-90K mile checkups and for the most part we do it. Why? Because if we don’t, we’re not going anywhere!
Why don’t we bother to do that with a pair shoes, a particularly nice coat or with the China Grandma left us. A good leather shoe needs conditioning and a regular shine. Chandeliers need bulbs changed and crystal shined. Why bother getting it to enjoy all its beauty if we aren’t going to care for it.
Caring for what we have has become a ‘lost art’. People tend to simply throw things out and replace it with something else. It’s not only wasteful, but a shame. I see so many homes in need of repair or a simple cleaning- yet people don’t bother. Our possessions are a part of us, they are an extension of who we are; take care of them and you are taking care of yourself.



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