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Household Management & Security

How often do we think about security? If we think too much, are we afraid? Being over-zealous about what isn’t actually out there? How in the world does one manage the protection of a 20K home with all its moving parts?
For the average Joe, what would you say is the greatest concern when it comes to a violation in the home? Homes, townhomes, apartments– there are more concentration of people living so close and physically near to each other unlike high net worth families– one could be miles away from their neighbor or there is an extensive driveway to their home, to go un-noticed is virtually impossible. But the average Joe, when it comes to security, the concern is not only of the safety of families but of possessions as well; it’s all we have.
I think it’s a shame that too many of us are reactive—we aren’t preventative nor do we bother to prepare for what ‘might’ happen because it might not. And then the day comes when our homes are violated and we invest in the precautionary tools to protect ourselves after the damage has been done.
I’m not suggesting everyone go out and buy the highest end security system, but to do a self-check. Are you continually aware of your surroundings? Are you locking your doors? Do you have an emergency exit plan for you and your family? Have you done an inventory for your insurance company? Are you even insured? Have you taken a self-defense class?
I merely want to bring to attention that we don’t simply ignore the subject because ignorance is bliss but simply be prepared. It’s important we are aware of our environment that we fix that broken window immediately… whatever it may be because I guarantee a burglar is going to look at the houses down the street and if yours looks sealed and secure, they are going to keep walking until the see the one with easy access. Be wary—you and your family are your greatest asset. Protect it.



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